Annali Castro

Distance Learning 

Going to in person school for 11 years and all of a sudden having to do online school, is a drastic change for not only students, but teachers and parents. In my experience, I believe that it gave me more free time; however, it was more difficult to pay attention and learn new knowledge. I also believed it affected my grades in a positive way as I was able to use different resources to double check my answers and correct my mistakes. 


When taking tests I was able to complete and leave behind the questions I did not know how to solve. I would then go back and make sure the ones I had answered were correct. Then, I would go to my notes and do the ones I was not sure about doing. This technique helped me get good test scores and helped my overall grade. This also helped me realize what problems I needed help with; therefore, being able to ask questions regarding these type of problems. Although it was beneficial, it was sometimes hard for me ask questions as the teachers would not fully understand the questions.


Online learning gave me much more free time as I would be able to do my “classwork and homework” during school. I was able to do our class in about thirty minutes and afterwards do my homework. I also only needed three classes a day; an hour each class, which left me more than half the day to do work and have my free time. Being able to have more time gave me the opportunity to study more, play basketball p, and have my job at SAM Academy. Although I was used to and liked online school for this school year, I do enjoy in person learning will continue to go.


Work Experience/Skills

-Billigual: Spanish and English     -Teacher Assistant in middle school     -Community Service: Interact club    

-Student Athlete    -Patience    -Stamina, with different aged students   -File and organize paperwork