Summer Camps

Summer 2019 STEM Camps

With summer fast approaching we are preparing for the best summer camp experience in the Central Valley! Engaging one-week camps with a focus on science, art, engineering, computer science, robotics, making and ecosystems of rivers and ponds. Dates and registration details soon. Will begin the week of July 8, 2019. Each camp will be 5 days (M-F) from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.

2019 Camps:

Cyber Robotics Camp: Cyber Robotics Camps teach the engineering design process, logic, basic coding using Micro:Bits, Raspberry Pi, and original robotics design. Recommended grades 5-11. Pre-Registration required. $195.00 per 5 day camp.

Bots to Biology Camp: Fun, and engaging one-week camps with a focus on learning science, engineering, and ecosystems of oceans, rivers and ponds. Recommended for grades 1-5. Registration – $175.00 per 5 day camp.

Pond, River and Ocean Explorations Camp: Explore ecosystems of rivers and oceans. Includes all-day field study to the coast for learning the importance of the relationship between the living sea and the environment. This camp for students in grades 4-8. Registration – $225.00  per 5 day camp (includes all-day field study):


2018 Bots to Biology Camps

Kids will have fun and learn in unique one-week camps with a focus on science, art, engineering, making habitats, and ecosystems of rivers and wetlands. Will involve use of data collection tools and observation tools such as microscopes, bug viewers, hand lens, and digital scopes. Students will document their own work in a field journal just as real scientists and engineers to in the real world. 

Sample Agenda

Monday – Tinkering with circuits; Science Notebooks; Simple Machines; Bots; transfer of energy; Nature Journaling

Tuesday – Walkabout outdoors; Observation of habitats; collection of living and non-living; microscopy (digital and compound); Bug Viewers; Magnifiers; scopes; nature journaling

Wednesday – Pond and water studies; macro-invertebrates collections; bird observations; nature journaling; Habitat studies; drawing birds and animals; Animal bots

Thursday – Nature journaling; habitats; energy transfer in ecosystems; human impact on the environment; Scribble bots; camp shirts

Friday – Nature journaling; air dynamics; things that float in air; flight and aeronautics;

2018 Coding & Robotics Camps

Computer Science, Coding, and Robotics Camps teach basic computer science principles, coding, programming, logic, and robotics design and the use of a Micro:bits and  Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Engineering, making, and critical thinking will drive student work around several key challenges. Students will also be challenged to design and build a Mars rover from scratch as the concluding project. 

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Summer 2017  

SAM Academy (Science, Art & Music) offered three different 5-day summer camps for kids ages 6-17. Bots to Biology and River and Coastal exploration which included a free trip to Morro Bay, and Santa Cruz to sail aboard the O’Neill Sea Odyssey where kids got to study and explore coastal ecology.

In each camp, studies were designed for the grade level span of each group. Students observed and contrasted coastal ecosystems, observed sea otters, harbor seals, migrating birds, and other amazing creatures. Focused learning modules on coastal ecology and riparian ecology preceded each of the trips and students practiced using the tools and instruments used during the field studies (compass, sensors, probes, cameras). Students also learned about the various landforms and environmental issues that impact both the Central Valley and coastal regions of California.