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Example of program designed to meet your grade level and topics:

STEM Learning Through Tinkering With Circuits, Simple Machines, and Energy

Workshop Description: STEM Learning Through Tinkering With Circuits, Simple Machines, and Energy teaches science, mathematics, engineering, and technology  (STEM) topics and engages students with key practices including the engineering design process, scientific discourse, and modeling. Students will explore aspects of careers in engineering through the design, construction, and investigation of various project designs and the application of concepts in energy, force and motion, and systems and system models. Will include a ‘Mars landscape’ challenge for rovers built from scratch. Projects will also engage students with scientific discourse, critical thinking, applied problem solving skills, and engineering habits of mind.

Student Learning Outcomes: By the end of the workshop students will be able to:

  1. Develop engineering “habits of mind” including:
    1. Systems thinking.
    2. Creativity.
    3. Optimism.
    4. Collaboration.
    5. Communication.
    6. Ethical considerations.
  2. Exhibit improved self-efficacy and 21st century workplace skills in creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical-thinking. 
  3. Develop understanding of circuits and how things work. 
    1. Understand concepts of energy, electricity, and the structure and properties of matter. 
    2. Apply the Scientific and Engineering design process of communicating, asking questions, and creating models. 
    3. Design Investigations to test for voltage and current.


  1. Tinkering With Circuits
  2. LED Bug/Creature and LED Flashlight
  3. Animal Bot
  4. Mars Rover
  5. Various exhibits in Roving Community Science Workshop

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