Located in the rural community of Sanger, California SAM Academy provides high quality after school, weekend, and summer programming for at-risk youth. The Sanger Community Science Workshop and Makerspace is offered as a free drop-in program for kids providing a rich learning environment and safe place to be after school.

Support Opportunities:

Low cost to no cost donations

  • General carpentry hand tools, ex. hammers, screwdriver, saws, etc.
  • Materials for day-to-day operations (traditional arts and crafts supplies)


  • Scholarships for children to attend STEM Camp
    • Sponsor a child to attend our exciting Spring Break, Summer and Winter STEM Camps, $150-$250 per child for 5 days of camp
  • Scholarships for children to take music lessons
    • Donations go to Emilio’s Music Kids which provides needy children support as needed to help them be successful musicians.
  • Wilson Elementary Media Center Community Science Workshop.
    • $100 per 3-hour session will cover staffing costs and materials to open up and serve up 25 students at our newest CSW in the Wilson Elementary Media Center
  • Sponsor a Mentor
    • Sponsor a highly motivated teen as they acquire real world work experience


  • Field trip to SAM Academy ($1,800)
    • We will host up 75 students(3-classes) at SAM Academy for an all-day field trip. Students will rotate through 3 station STEM and Art.
  • Family Science Night/Festival ($2,500)
    • We deliver fun, exciting and educational hands-on science programming to a lucky school with our Mobile Science Lab
    • We could serve up to 1,000 children and family members in one event
    • Activities can include projects like rockets, super bubbles, CD bots, and catapults.


  • STEM project for our class rooms or CSWs
    • Wilson Goes Green
      • Yearlong unit for 125 students to dive deep into solar and wind energy technology as they construct a model of their very own alternative energy community
    • Robotics at our SAM Academy CSW
      • Yearlong Weekend robotics program for teens at our Sam Academy CSW
  • Community beautification projects
    • Support our Youth Art Cohort as they leave their mark on the community through the installation of murals on traffic control boxes and other graffiti prone surfaces

Big Dreams

  • Build a CSW in Del Rey or other surrounding rural communities
    • Help us connect with local funders, corporations, philanthropist, and supporters who share a common interest of providing high-quality programs for their communities
  • Capacity building
    • We are always actively seeking funding opportunities to support our infrastructure which makes it all possible

Low-cost music and art lessons, and refurbished instruments provide access for many children who would otherwise not be able to participate. The music and art studio provides a nexus between tradition, culture, STEM and the arts while providing a foundation for developing musical creativity and artistic expression. An important member of the community,

SAM Academy supports the development of youth leadership, inter-generational mentoring, and community building through our STEM & Art/Maker Mentors –high school youth from their community that works with young kids to bring them the world of science, art, music, and making.

SAM Academy Inc., a 501 (c)(3) charitable non-profit organization is recognized by the IRS.  EIN – 45-3484626. All donations are tax deductible by law.

Please contact Dr. Jerry D. Valadez, CEO if you have questions or would like to visit our program.  – Voice – 559-288-4953