Field Trips


We bring STEM and the new California NGSS in a highly engaging method. All of our programs complement your in-school STEM teaching and curriculum.

All Day Classroom field trip to S.A.M. Academy is based on price per student, including Project Materials. Usually accommodating three rotations during the all-day visit students complete three projects. Projects range in complexity and include alignment to the three dimensions of NGSS to learn  Motion & Stability: Forces & Interactions; Energy; Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics; Habitats; and Scientific & Engineering Practices. Average price is $21/student. All instruction, materials, and space at SAM Academy included. No cost for chaperones unless they also build projects to take. Number of chaperones depends on number of kids. SAM Academy can accommodate up to 100 students. Divided into 3 even size groups of about 33 each.

We incorporate opportunities for students to collaboratively build, test, and reflect on their learning, Our program increases intellectual engagement, divergent thinking, and supports students in their quest to understand the man-made and natural world around them. Email Dr. Valadez for available dates and reservations Р