Field Trips


We bring STEM and the new California NGSS in a highly engaging method. All of our programs complement your in-school STEM teaching and curriculum.

SAM Academy houses ample space for up to 100 students at a time. Bins and boxes of wood, plastics, cardboard, and a large variety of materials are available. Tools adorn the walls hanging on pegboard and are also stored in rolling tool chests. Scissors, pencils, pens, rulers, glues, and assorted paper are always available to support the ‘making’ of simple to complex projects.

Aquariums and life science artifacts are visible throughout and add to the rich learning environment. The environment and culture of the CSW and SAM Academy has become so inviting and motivating that children immerse themselves with a passion for learning with each new project, activity, or exhibit.

Academic Year Field trips to SAM Academy: 2- 5-hour classroom or group field trip to SAM Academy. Price is per student and includes 1-3 stations to build and design projects. Projects range in complexity and include review of science standards in Motion & Stability: Forces & Interactions; Energy; Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics; Habitats; and Scientific & Engineering Practices. Prices start at $22 per student depending on size of group.

No cost for chaperones unless they also build projects to take. Number of chaperones depends on number of kids. SAM Academy can accommodate up to 100 students. Divided into 3 even size groups of about 33 each.

Email Dr. Valadez for available dates and reservations –