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We have a selection of instruments to play from, we welcome all ages!

Drums & Percussion

Drum lessons are a great way for anyone interested in playing the drums to learn and improve their skill. The student will develop body coordination, drum set-up, and play basic rhythms and beats.


During the lessons, the student will learn how to hold and tune the guitar, play basic chords and scales, and read guitar tablature or sheet music. They will also learn various strumming and picking techniques.



Voice and Piano

Our piano lessons are designed to teach students how to play and read sheet music. The voice lessons will train the student to breathe correctly, produce a resonant tone, and develop their vocal range and agility.


The student will learn how to hold and position the violin, develop proper bowing and fingering technique, and produce a clear tone. As the student progresses, the lessons will focus on advanced techniques.

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SAM Academy Mariachi Ensemble!

Join us at SAM Academy and embark on a journey to celebrate the rich heritage of Mariachi music while honing your talents and creating lifelong memories. Led by our experienced instructors, the Mariachi Ensemble offers a dynamic and enriching experience for youth, fostering teamwork, cultural pride, and musical excellence.

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